Clout Archery

If you find yourself continually asking what is clout archery, it is time to learn more. As you collect clout archery information, you will soon understand this game and everything it entails.

As a variation of traditional archery, this is a game in which shooters attempt to shoot a flag, known as the clout.

Shooters take aim from a far distance, with points awarded based on how close the arrows land to the flags. Scoring zones are marked on the ground, giving players a better idea of what they are up against.

A single round of clout archery consists of 36 arrows, with competitions typically lasting two rounds.

There are many variations of clout archery, including: WA clout, BLBS clout, GNAS clout, and Australian clout. Each of these games is a bit different, with some more popular in particular parts of the world.

For example, BLBS clout archery is only played in the United Kingdom.

As a game of skill, clout archery remains popular among players in many parts of the world.