What is croquet? You may have heard of this game, but until you play you will not fully understand just how much fun it can be.

In short, croquet is a sport in which players hit a ball with a mallet. Players share the goal of hitting the ball through hoops, also known as wickets.

Other croquet information to become familiar with is as follows: the game is typically played on a grass court, there is more than one variation of the game, and rules can vary based on located.

With association croquet, for example, there are four balls. These balls are teamed in pairs, with both balls needing to go through every hoop in order to win.

In association croquet, when a ball hits another ball, extra shots are then permitted.

While you can learn a lot about croquet by reading online or watching others play, you won’t begin to have real fun until you give it a try on your own.