Betting on Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is predominantly a winter sport where skiers speed towards a ramp and jump off of it onto a sloping hill, flying as far as possible. Each jump is judged based on style and distance, and is awarded points. The skier with most points at the end of the event is judged the winner of the competition. Since each jump has huge implications on the final standings, jumpers have very little margin for error. This has led to some exciting betting opportunities in ski jumping.

Ski Jumping Format

Ski Jumping events have competitions conducted in three different types of hills, normal hills, large hills, and Ski flying hills. Most events predominantly have individual competitions and a few team competitions. Ski jumping competitions were conducted only for men until recently, but now, all competitions are conducted separately for women as well.

Each competition had three rounds of jumps, where the first round is the qualifying round. The subsequent rounds are conducted for qualified skiers to decide the winners.

Ski Jumping Competitions

Winter Olympics - every four years, FIS Ski Jumping World Cup - conducted annually, Nordic World Ski Championships - held in odd-numbered years, Ski Flying World Championships - every two years, and Four Hills Tournament - conducted annually, are some of the major ski jumping events that are conducted during winter.

Besides winter competitions, FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix is a major ski jumping event that is conducted during summer on an artificial snow-like surface.

Types of Ski Jumping Bets

Antepost/Outright winner betting

This bet on ski jumping is to pick the outright winner of the competition. It is the most common ski jumping bet available. Individual bets will be offered to pick the winner for each competition of an event.

Longest jump

For each round of a single competition, bettors can bet on who will have the longest jump for the round. Bets of this type will be available for every single round.

Finish in top 3, 5 or 10 betting

Bettors can bet on who will finish in the top 3, top 5, or top 10 for each competition.

Head-to-head betting

These bets will have two competitors listed, and bettors will bet on who between the two will finish higher.

Triple head-to-head betting

With this bet, bettors will pick who among the three competitors will finish higher.


Ski jumping is an exhilarating sport to watch and throwing in a few bets makes a thriller out of each jump. With events happening during summer and winter, and sportsbooks offering extensive bets for each competition in an event, there is no extended wait for fans to catch some good ski jumping action and no shortage of good betting opportunities.