Betting on Snooker

Snooker is the most popular cue sport in the world which is predominantly played and watched in the Commonwealth countries. This sport is slowly gaining popularity in several Asian countries, especially in China; which is currently a host for multiple high profile tournaments. The nature of the game and the format in which matches are played opens up several interesting betting opportunities.

Sportsbooks have slowly increased their coverage of this sport offering a huge range of betting options. Betting has of late become hand in glove with snooker, where all the three most popular tournaments in the sport are currently being sponsored by world snooker betting companies, that provide extensive snooker betting lines.

Where to bet on Snooker

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Snooker Basics

Snooker is an individual sport where players compete against one another. It's played on a table that is slightly under 12 ft X 6 ft, using 15 red balls and six other balls each of a different color, and a white cue ball. Each red ball carries 1 point, and the colored balls have higher points. The table has six pockets, and the objective of the game is to pocket all the balls in a specific order.

Each player alternates turns to strike the balls, scoring as many points as possible. A player's break comes to an end if the player is unable to pocket a legal ball. Break is a commonly used term in snooker betting which refers to the collection of shots a player attempts in a single turn. When all the balls have been pocketed, it is the end of the frame, and the player who scored the most number of points in the frame wins that frame.

Snooker matches are played as best of 11 frames, where a player who wins 6 frames is the winner of the match. Snooker tournaments are played in a knockout format, until one player remains undefeated, and is adjudged the winner of the tournament.

Snooker Competitions

Several professional snooker tournaments varying in levels of importance, are conducted all through the year at different locations around the world. The most popular snooker tournament is the World Snooker Championship, which is conducted annually. This tournament provides players with the highest ranking points and highest prize money in all of snooker. The next most important tournaments are the UK Championship, and the Masters (a non-ranking invitational tournament). These three tournaments together are popularly referred to as the Triple Crown.

Other major tournaments in terms of player ranking points and prize money are the International Championship, Shanghai Masters, Australian Goldfields Open, Wuxi Classic, and China Open.

Two other popular invitational non-ranking tournaments are conducted each year, which are, The Champion of Champions tournament - played among champions in the past 12 months, and the World Cup - a team competition held among countries with two or three players in each team.

Snooker Bet Types

Outright betting

These types of bets are about predicting various outcomes for the entire tournament. These bets will be settled at the end of the tournament or earlier if the outcome of the bet is available. Some of the outright bets are:

  • Outright winner - Bet to pick the player who will win the entire tournament
  • Half / Quarter winner - The tournament draw is virtually split into two halves; top and bottom, and four quarters. Bets will be available to pick which half will produce the winner, and which quarter will produce the winner
  • Half / Quarter player winner - This type of bet is to pick which player will win each half and each quarter, from a list of players within that half and quarter
  • Winning Nationality - A bet on the nationality of the winner
  • 1st Time Winner - A bet on whether someone who has never won the tournament before will win
  • 147 points break - A bet on whether any player will reach the 147 break, maximum points possible in a single break

Match betting

These snooker bets are about predicting various outcomes for a single match, and will be settled at the end of the match. Some of the match bets are:

  • Match Winner: This is the most common bet on snooker, which will be available for every single match. Bettors simple have to bet on which player will win the match.
  • Handicap betting: A favorite player is handicapped by certain number of frames. For e.g. 1.5 frames. After the match is over, 1.5 will be deducted from the total frames the favorite player won. Bettors have to predict if the favorite player will still win after the handicap points are deducted, or if the underdog player will win.
  • Over/Under Frames betting: Bookmakers will decide on a certain number for the total number of frames that will be played in the match. Since the minimum number of frames that can be played in a match is 6, and the maximum is 11, the number usually is multiples of 0.5 between 6 and 11. For e.g. 8.5. Bettors will have to predict if the total frames played will be over or under 8.5.
  • Correct frames score betting: In a snooker match, 12 final frame scores are possible. Each player can win the match in 6 possible frame margins, from 6-0 to 6-5. Bettors have to pick which of the 12 possible frame score will be right outcome. If a bettor picks 6-3 in favor on one player, the bettor will lose the bet on any of the other 11 outcomes. These bets are extremely risky and extremely difficult to win.
  • Highest Player Break betting: Each player's break can be from 0 to 147 points. Bettors will bet on which of the two players will have the highest break in the match.
  • Over/Under Highest Break betting: For these bets, bettors will pick if the highest break in the match, by either player, will be over or under a certain number decided by the bookmakers.
  • Over/Under Player Break betting: Two separate bets will be available, one for each player, to pick if the highest break by the player will be over or under a certain number.
  • Total Frames Odd/Even: A snooker bet to pick if the total frames played in the match will be an odd or even number.

Other betting

Here are a few other bets that some sportsbooks might additionally offer:

  • Frame/Match Duration betting : These bets are about predicting the time it takes to complete a certain frame or the entire match.
  • Win Match, 1st Frame & Highest Break : This bet is to pick which of the two players will win all the three outcomes.


Snooker is an exciting game to watch, where players make incredible shots and use several strategies to get an edge over their opponents. There is very little room for error in snooker, where a small miscue by a player can completely turn things around in a match. As exciting as it is to watch players make shots, the excitement is multiple times higher if there is a wager on a player, frame or the match.
This has led several sportsbooks to offer various online snooker betting odds, for every tournament; and every single match in a tournament, which has made betting on snooker extremely easy. With several snooker tournaments that take place throughout the year, snooker fans are never too far away from watching and betting on their favorite sport.