Betting on Surfing

Can you think of anything better than catching a wave and riding it to the shore? Even if you aren’t in the water, you can still enjoy everything that surfing has to offer. One such way is to bet on surfing.

Surfing betting continues to rise in popularity as a growing number of people get involved in the sport. Furthermore, and just as important, is the fact that more and more events are being scheduled at locations throughout the world.

Where to bet on Surfing

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Placing a Surfing Bet

Betting on surfing is relatively simple if you follow this three-step process:

  1. Pick one of our listed online sports book that accepts surfing bets above.
  2. Learn more about upcoming events, including the location, the participants, and who is favored to win.
  3. Study surfing odds to ensure that you make wagers that put you in the best position to win.

How to Place a Bet on a Surfing Event

Just the same as other games, the sports book will attach odds to each person in the event. The lower the “odds”, the better chance the person has of winning. For example, a person with a “5.00” next to his or her name has greater odds of winning than somebody with a “126.00”.

If you wager $5 on a participant with “5.00” odds, a winner will pay $25. Bet the same amount on somebody with odds of “126.00” and a winner will pay out $630.

With surfing betting, the only thing you should care about is choosing the straight-up winner. If you do this, regardless of how much you bet and the odds, you are going to win money. Of course, you can win a lot more, even if you bet less, if you accurately select an underdog.

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy surfing yourself or simply follow the sport, placing a bet on an upcoming event can add to the thrill.