Water Polo Betting

Are you interested in placing a water polo bet? This is one of the most exciting sports that many people don’t know about.

It doesn’t matter if you have played this sport in the past, are just now learning, or simply want to add some action to an upcoming match, you should consider what it takes to bet on water polo and why this may be a good idea.

A World of Opportunity

From the Olympics to the Water Polo World League, you have many opportunities to bet on this sport.

Getting involved with water polo betting means two things:

  1. Understanding water polo odds
  2. Learning more about the many types of bets

Match bets are most common, as this is when you wager on the outcome of a particular match. These bets are typically presented in odds format, such as:

  • Team A: 2.00
  • Team B: 10.00
  • Tie: 7.00

Note: water polo matches don’t often end in a tie, so this may not be the best wager.

Sticking with this example, Team A is expected to win. With this, every $1 you bet can result in a win of $2.

There are two other types of water polo bets:

  • Total score: this is a wager of how many points the teams will combine to score
  • Prop bets: this includes a variety of wagers, with each sports book deciding on their own

If you are new to water polo betting, it is best to start with a match bet or total score wager. These are straightforward and simple to understand. As you learn more, as you devise a strategy, you can venture into prop bets.

Water polo is a sport that continues to grow. As a bettor, you may be able to use your knowledge of the game to your advantage.