Casino Card Games

Card games played in most casinos often fall under the term table game, and include games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, poker and other card games. Although the games are sometimes available as slots, these are regarded as ported versions and play differently from the traditional table games and usually rely on pure luck. Card games work well both in desktop and mobile and can be played through most online casinos, and are often accompanied by bonuses and promotions.

Games like poker are definitely familiar to everyone, but the casinos often seek to offer all crowds their favorites. The main difference between games like poker and blackjack is that one is played against another player with the casino taking a fee or rake, whereas games like blackjack and roulette are played strictly against the house and only the house edge matters when it comes to winning. Games like blackjack, roulette and craps of course also rely more on pure luck and chance than on mathematics and skill. This is natural as if any casino game could be played with some mathematical formula the casino would simply be out of business in no time. In most games skill does give you a definite advantage over opponents who have only bothered to read the rules and not the theory behind the game. When playing a casino card game, it is extremely important to make sure you understand everything about the game.

The Variety of Choice

There is no lack of choice when it comes to table games, and within each category, you are sure to find many different themes and variations of popular and not so well-known games. The category of table games dates of course back to brick and mortar casinos when they were the mainstay of all gambling games. With the advent of online casinos poker quickly shot off as the main card game everyone knew, and still retains its extremely popular status. Other card games followed suit and the number of games and variation within games is ever growing. Roulette and blackjack especially are making their comeback online, and they are charming crowd on the internet just as they did when they were first brought out into play.

When playing poker or other games that are played against other players, it’s important to of course know the rules and the terms of the casino. Although the rake is usually similar in all casinos, some might have a higher than average. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as these casinos tend to offer different games than the traditional Hold’Em and, of course, require the money to do so. The less popular games usually have a smaller but ever more dedicated group of players. The competition is certainly hard, but also worth it.

One thing to stay on the lookout for with card games are the different promotions and bonuses that are offered. For example blackjack is played against the casino with the lowest possible house edge, and most online casinos do not offer bonuses for the game, and if they do it is with reduced payouts and increased wagering requirement. That is why it is good to keep your eyes open for any blackjack specific promotions, or ay that offer similar bonuses for other table games. The more social table games can of course also offer the best promotions. Poker is definitely the biggest of these and tournaments, even completely free ones, are offered as satellites to the biggest poker games in the world. It is however a game with a lot of competition and it’s extremely hard to master.

How to Play

The technical side of how to play casino card games is quite easy: simply login or register to your favourite casino site, download their software if required and start playing. Usually, there is no need even to deposit money, as the first few rounds are often offered with a welcome bonus. For any serious playing, it is naturally necessary to make a deposit so that you can start reaching for those big wins. In any case, the games are always available as free demo versions to practise on. In the end to play a casino card game all you need to do is choose one of the casinos we recommend and just get started.

The harder part is usually deciding which game to play, and how to play it. Naturally the best way to choose is to simply try a lot of different games, and see if they intrigue you to play further. The rules, strategies, theory and other articles are usually available for table games. This is a big difference if you usually only play slots, as they are in the end quite simple games with simple rules, whereas games like baccarat or craps require knowing some complex rules and conditions to be played correctly. All it takes to learn these intricacies and the ins and outs of each game is to practise and play a lot. The first few dozen hands or rounds are best played as free games, or with free or play money, but it is best not get too stuck in this mode as otherwise your play style will become too careless. As with life, in general, you often need to lose before you know how to win.

Despite initially being overshadowed by slots and other popular casino games the table games are flourishing nowadays as people return to traditional games. This revolution was sparked with online poker, but as the growth of poker slowed down with US markets other table games started gaining popularity. This is a natural course of things as well, since players usually choose a casino based on initial offering of their favourites and once exhausting the enjoyment from those players move onto finding new favourite games. The same in a way applies in the larger sense, as the so far less known table games are being devoured by players who are originally only familiar with slots, bingo, or betting. Table games are an excellent choice to play either way.

There is no card game casino that would not be offering other games as well, but there are some that concentrate heavily on casino card games. A good way to select your choice of casino is to check what kind of bonuses and promotions they offer for table games, as well as what kind of choice they offer when it comes to the games themselves. Although one would think there isn’t enough room for maneuver when it comes to card game rules, it is usually possible for a casino to offer ten to twenty different version of the same game.

Below is a list and overview of the most common card and table games found in any casino:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps


Poker originated as a game sometime around the early 19th century and quickly gained popularity due to the way betting ruled in the game. Poker experienced its second great boom during the early years of the online industry as it quickly grew into an all-time favourite. A great number of massive tournaments are hosted each year, and you can win millions in each. The game is mostly played against other players.


Baccarat is the favourite game of the famous spy James Bond, although in the latest movies this has been replaced with poker games that are gaining more popularity. The game is played against the bank and offers a low house edge similar to that in blackjack. The game is played against the bank, and scoring and winning is done by comparing the relative hand values of player and the house. The game traces its roots back to the 19th century, although earlier versions of the game exist as well.


Roulette is a table game that relies on luck and luck only. It has gained popularity thanks to the chances of big wins, and the game is very exciting to play. The game origins from France as the translation, little wheel, of the game name would lead you to believe. The origins of roulette trace back to 17th century, and it has retained its place as a favorite of high rollers for centuries now. Although a table game this game relies on a wheel and a ball to determine the outcome and not cards.


Blackjack is a game that offers perhaps the lowest house edge of any casino game, as well as some intriguing side rules and betting options for the player. This quick to play and easy to enjoy game comes from unknown origin, and it is mentioned in many of literature’s classics from earlier centuries.


Craps is perhaps best known from the streets these days, and it traces its roots as far back as the infamous first crusade. Contrary to most other table games craps uses dice for the gaming experience and can be found on any casino. The game is easy to learn and quick to play, and it is currently only arriving in online casinos.