The UK’s leading blackjack sites in 2024

The top blackjack sites have plenty of things in common and it’s our job to make sure that they are all fantastic places for you to play. Our experts know everything there is to know about the game and the sites that present this casino classic.

We’ve been picking their brains to bring you the inside knowledge on this fantastic game and have everything you need to know coming right up.

How does blackjack work?

Learning how to play online blackjack is simple but at the same time an exciting journey. In the beginning, many players go through the motions of simply joining a game of blackjack and not really understanding exactly what is going on. But we are here to change all of that. We want our readers to hit the ground running and have a real advantage when they start placing their bets.

Learning the rules is just one part of becoming an expert blackjack player. There are also several strategies that can help you make the best choices when it comes to selecting cards as well as managing your wagers.

Let’s take a look at the basics right now to give you a better understanding of how this centuries-old classic game functions.


The game of blackjack is incredibly easy to grasp. And if you have ever played any card games at a casino before you will know that the basic premise is placing a bet on your hand and hoping that it beats the dealer’s.

So what exactly is your hand? You will be dealt two cards, to begin with. They are dealt face down so the dealer cannot see what you have. The dealer gives themselves one card face down and another card face up.

This gives you a slight advantage as you can see if the dealer is likely to have a good hand.

So what makes a good hand? The best hand you can hope for with two cards is a 10 or a picture card and an ace. This is what is commonly known as having blackjack. The cards add up to 21 and nobody can beat that hand. And you will see 1.5x your stake returned plus your original stake as well. However, the dealer can also get blackjack and this would result in a push. This is casino speak for a draw.

You’ve probably deduced by now that the picture cards are worth 10 and the ace is worth 11. But it can also be counted as a 1 if that helps your hand. All of the other cards have their face value. The aim of the game is to hit 21 or as close to it without going over. If you get more than 21, then you ‘bust’.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to go over 21 with just 2 cards. Now, this is where the game gets interesting.

Blackjack player options

After receiving your 2 cards at the beginning of each game, you are able to look at them and decide if you think yours will be closer to 21 than the dealer’s. If you do not believe that it will, then it is time to hit. And this means asking for another card. The dealer at the blackjack online casino will give you another card and you can continue to request more until you are happy with your score or you bust.

If you bust, the house keeps your stake.

However, if you keep your score below 21, then it is the turn of the dealer to make their move. The game works in exactly the same way for the dealer with one big exception. Usually, they will have to keep taking more cards until they reach a total of 17. So if you have a total of 16 and the dealer produces the same, then they will have to take another card and see what happens.

Doubling down is where you decide to double your bet and take just one more card. You only do this if you think you are likely to beat the dealer with one card.

There is one other situation that can occur during the game for the player. If you are dealt two cards of exactly the same number or picture, then you are able to split those two cards and create a second hand. You will need to add another bet to cover the second hand. But it is not always a good idea to do this. There are certain times when it is advisable and we will go into the best blackjack online strategies a little later on.

Variations of blackjack

There are various ways to play the game but they all follow the same basic rules. Blackjack sites will often give you the choice of playing several versions so let’s have a look at the most popular.

  • European blackjack: this functions in exactly the same way as the standard ‘US’ version. The only difference being that the dealer only gets 1 card face up and doesn’t get the next until the player has finished
  • Face up blackjack: here, the dealer gets both of their cards face up
  • Perfect pairs blackjack: a side bet that occurs on a standard game. You can bet on the dealer getting a pair with their first 2 cards

RTP (Return To Player) for blackjack

The return to player on the game of blackjack depends on the version you are playing. Some variations offer a slightly better percentage than others. And this is due to the extra options available during the game. In any case, all of the popular versions have an RTP of over 99%.

What we look for when reviewing blackjack casinos

When creating our shortlist of places where you can play online blackjack for money, we take many things into account. It’s important to us that you only play at the very best sites. So we always do our homework before representing any of the casinos.

Casino bonuses for blackjack

Most of the best online blackjack providers will offer some amazing welcome deals. These offers are a fantastic way for a player to bag a ton of free games. Some of them require you to make a deposit before any freebies come your way. Although there are some that do not require this. Most of the time, no deposit deals are reserved for free spins on the slots. So you should probably expect to have to part with some cash before receiving any bonus money if you want to play blackjack.

Either way, we like to see a casino offering its new customers some top promotions as a thank you for signing up for a new account.

Good selection of blackjack games

We know that many of our readers like to play different versions of blackjack online. For some,  the standard American version is the only one they want to play but for others, they like a little variety. The vast majority of good casinos will have several different blackjack games available for their customers. It shows us that a casino brand is serious about offering their players exactly what they want. And in today’s extremely competitive climate, this is a super-important aspect of any casino business.

Great Live blackjack dealers

A few years ago, blackjack was only played online in a video game format. Admittedly, over the years the graphics and gameplay have become exceptional. However, there is a new way to enjoy this casino fun. Live Casino is the very latest way to play. It allows you to come face-to-face with a dealer and to experience the thrill of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need to leave the house to get in on the action. It is all possible thanks to the clever technology developed by the software providers that power today’s modern sites.

Good customer support

Another incredibly important aspect that shows us how serious a casino is about its customers is the customer support section. Sometimes you need to talk to somebody at the site and it is usually due to a technical glitch. But regardless of what the problem is, you need to know that you can get the issue resolved ASAP.

The best sites will offer various ways to contact the customer support team. This includes live web chat, query forms, email and telephone support as well.

Licensed by the UKGC

Finally, it goes without saying that we only represent sites that are completely legit and legal. For any casino brand offering its services to UK players, it must have a licence issued by the UKGC. It is no easy task to complete the registration for a licence in this jurisdiction. So you know that the casino is fully dedicated to only providing the safest and most secure way to play.

Playing online blackjack UK is completely above board as long as you play at a site that displays its UKGC licence number on its web page. You should never play at a casino that does not have the correct paperwork for the place where you live.

What to think about when selecting a blackjack site

So now you have seen a few of the things that our expert team looks out for when deciding which blackjack providers to present here on our site. But you may like to know the things that you should be looking out for as an individual. It always pays to do your homework. You should check out everything there is to know about the site before parting with your cash.

There are loads of casinos to choose from online and you want to make sure that you only play at the very best.

Varied blackjack game selection

Having a varied selection of blackjack titles is an absolute must for a blackjack enthusiast. Many people like the fun and enjoyment that a variety of games can offer. Some of the variations are simply side bets that can be made during a standard game. While others are new slants on the original idea.

Whatever your preferred version, you want to see that a casino can offer you as many options as possible. You might prefer one type of blackjack at the moment but you never know when this may change. And you might want to play something different in the future.

Has live casino games

Live casinos aren’t for everyone. But for the majority of players, once you have tried it you simply can’t imagine playing online without it. The thrill and the buzz of having the dealer there in front of you and seeing the game unfolding in real-time is second to only being there in person at the casino.

Live play is quickly becoming one of the most popular varieties at an online casino. And many of the new brands simply cannot survive without offering this type of action. So do yourself a favour. Even if you don’t play live games at the moment, sign up to a site that offers this choice. You will probably end up falling in love with live casino action sometime soon!

Has blackjack/live casino bonuses

Most players love the opportunity of playing for free. And a casino welcome bonus offers you this chance. The great thing about signing up for a casino with a welcome deal is that you will be able to check out loads of different games. And one of those games could be blackjack.

By making a deposit and bagging yourself a welcome promo, you may find that you get the same amount of free money to spend on the games at that casino. Using bonus cash to play them saves you from risking any of your own cash. But it still offers the chance to walk away with some of the winnings. Always read the terms and conditions as it isn’t as simple as collecting bonus cash and spending it as you want.

Basic Strategy for blackjack

When playing blackjack online, there are some basic strategies that you may wish to follow. There is no point in blindly throwing your money away and hoping for the best. By knowing when to select another card and when to split a pair, for example, you can give yourself the best possible chance of getting a good result in the long run.

Becoming a blackjack winner isn’t about creating an instant win. You should be prepared to play for a little while and to hopefully walk away with more than you came with. And this is done by making sensible wagers and taking advantage of the different moves that you can make.

These are not guaranteed to win the game, but it is popular advice.

  1. If you have 12-16, and the dealer is showing 2-6, then you should stand.
  2. Hit when you have 12-16 and the dealer is showing 7-ace.
  3. Always split aces and 8s.
  4. Double down if you have 11 and the dealer shows 2-10.

Different variants of blackjack

Blackjack has been available at online casinos since the dawn of online gambling. The first versions were very primitive with some grainy graphics and slightly static gameplay. Things have come a long way over the last 20 years. And one of the biggest advancements has been the introduction of live play. Let’s take a look at the difference between a video version and live version.

Video blackjack

Despite the lack of interaction, playing video blackjack is still great fun. If you are not in the mood to chat with other people or wait for the cards to be shuffled, then this is a good alternative. Each game is a lot faster than the live version so this might be an important factor for you.

Another great advantage of this type of game is the different variations. It’s possible to put loads of different blackjack games into the video format and make them available for players. If you are someone that likes to try out a ton of different blackjack versions, then you may want to consider sticking to the video format.

Live blackjack

Playing live blackjack is amazing and one that we personally love. Being there with the other players is an experience unlike any other. And it can also seem like you are getting more for your money with each hand. The procedure and ceremony of shuffling and dealing take a lot longer in real-time. So playing a few hands on the live format takes much longer than the video.

One of the great things about playing the live version is that you can communicate with the dealer and players. There is a live chat section that runs alongside the game so you can ask the dealer anything you like. They are able to respond to you by speaking directly back at the screen rather than typing. And you don’t need to worry about anyone seeing you while you play. There is no camera on you at home!

Real money blackjack or free play?

Deciding whether to play online blackjack real money or for free isn’t an easy decision. Many people like to get to grips with a game before they part with any cash. Games such as blackjack that involve interaction on the players’ part sometimes take a little while to get used to.

It’s hard to get to grips with a game while you are spending your money. And it can be incredibly frustrating if you don’t understand what you were doing and losing money in the process. There are pros and cons to playing for free or for real cash.

Free Blackjack with no deposit

Free blackjack online is possible thanks to some of the fantastic welcome offers that you can see right here on this page. If you are lucky enough to spot a deal that does not require a deposit to be made, then you are in for a treat. Receiving bonus cash without lifting a finger is everyone’s dream. However, regardless of the type of casino offer that you secure, there will usually be some rules attached. These rules are usually surrounding the wagering and the game weighting that is applied to each title. There may also be a max cashout. The last issue can be a real sticking point if you win lots of lovely cash but are only allowed to take a small percentage of it back to your real cash balance.

Real money blackjack

The only way around not needing to comply with bonus rules is to play with your own cash. But with this comes its own set of problems. There is obviously a possibility that you may lose your money. This isn’t something that we want to think will happen but it is a consideration to take into account.

But along with risking your cash comes the possibility of winning some cash. And if you are playing with your own money, then no one will tell you how much you can walk away with when you win. It is entirely up to you which version you choose to play and end with which funds you choose to play with.

Bonuses for online blackjack

Everyone would love the chance to play blackjack for free. And as we’ve seen, the best way to do this is by picking up a bonus deal when you sign up for a new casino account. But it can be hard to figure out what kind of promo is best for you.

With so many available on the market, it can get very confusing. Luckily, for you, we have sourced the very best deals and laid them out in black and white. We want our readers to land a deal that works for them.

No deposit blackjack bonus offers

For most players, a blackjack deal that really hits the spot is one that leaves their own stack intact. There’s plenty of other things to spend your cash on, so why do it if you don’t have to? Thanks to the hundreds of casinos flooding the online marketplace, there is a huge demand for welcome deals. It’s the best way for a brand to stand out from the rest. And some of them can be extremely lucrative.

By landing a no deposit offer, you can fill out the registration page at a new site and sit back and relax. Once your account is live, you will get your gift. And this means free play for little effort.

1st deposit bonus offers

The above deals that don’t require any deposit do have some flaws, it must be said. They used to be the most readily available. But thanks to changes in the taxation laws in the UK, it wasn’t viable for most sites to continue with that kind of deal.

These offers tend to be quite small even when they do exist. They’re still fantastic to land but you should only expect to see around £10 of bonus cash or 50 free spins, for example.

The promos you’ll find most of the time are the ones that require a little financial commitment on the player’s part. This means adding a little cash to your casino balance. As a result, the casino will match whatever you deposit. First deposit offers can be huge at some sites. It’s not unheard of to deposit £500 and see £500 of bonus cash.

2nd deposit bonus offers

And why stop at just one deposit? Some sites will also allow you to really cash in. A second deposit deal is as it sounds. Once you’re finished with playing with your first deposit and bonus money, then you can make another and enjoy the rewards all over again. Second deposit offers can be just as big as the first or sometimes even bigger.

Progressive jackpots in blackjack

It is possible to add a progressive jackpot to pretty much any game. With millions of players all contributing a tiny amount to one overall prize, it’s easy to see how huge sums of cash can accumulate. Blackjack is no exception and it is possible to see some games offering a big cash incentive. You won’t find it that frequently on the live version of the game. But it is perfectly possible to see it in the video format.

Live blackjack with professional dealers

Playing online blackjack with a live dealer is a real buzz. There’s nothing quite like having a dealer there in front of you and being able to communicate with them. Sometimes you may have a question and it’s so easy to get the reply that you need. You simply type it in the live chat box and they will respond.

It’s also as close as you can get to being in a real casino. But going to a brick-and-mortar site does come with a certain amount of effort. Especially when there is a dress code! By playing live games online you don’t need to worry about any of that. You can play wherever you are and wear whatever you like.

What is live casino gaming?

A live casino is exactly as you might expect. It’s everything you know and love about the in-person casino experience cleverly packed into a live online format. The games are recorded live in a studio by one of the amazing game providers. You will notice that there are several tables offering various different games at the same time. And this is just like being in a regular casino.

You can watch the cards being dealt or the roulette wheel being spun in real-time as it happens. All of the excitement is there as you get to see the game unfold before your eyes. The only main difference is that you can’t physically hand your chips to the dealer. This is done digitally by simply clicking the corresponding button on your screen.

Advantages of live blackjack

  • Play anywhere
  • Live chat
  • Real casino excitement
  • Slower pace than video format
  • Added trust from seeing everything happen

Disadvantages of live blackjack

  • Fewer games available compared to video format
  • Waiting for a seat can be a drag
  • Uses more internet data
  • Can drain your phone battery

Mobile blackjack sites

Playing blackjack while on the move is great fun and super-convenient. It used to be very difficult to find a mobile site that could reproduce the games effectively. But that has all changed and now playing on your phone is just as good as playing on any other device.

Everything works just as smoothly and the graphics are perfect. And you will not lose anything from this experience. In fact, you will only gain from it. As long as you have enough battery to last you. And a decent data plan if you are wanting to play while on the train or bus, for example.

Live blackjack for mobile and tablet

And it isn’t just the video format that has received the mobile makeover. Live casino games are now very much a part of the mobile casino experience. The thrill and excitement that live games offer can be captured on your phone and tablet as well. It’s an awesome way to play and being able to do it while out and about just makes it even better.

Mobile casino apps

A casino can offer its mobile games in a couple of different ways. One of the most popular forms of mobile gaming is to pack everything into an application. Anyone who has a mobile phone will be familiar with the little icons that sit on the screen. These apps are a 1-click access point to everything that you need from that product. And it’s exactly the same with a casino app.

The main part of the program is downloaded to your device. So this makes it much quicker for you to access everything you need each time you want to play.

Browser-based casinos

Some casinos don’t offer the above application format. And prefer, instead, to optimise their mobile site. Everything that you can find on the main website that is available through a PC or laptop, for example, is automatically shrunk to appear perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet.

The slight downside to this is that you need to open your mobile phone browser. After that, you’ll type in the casino web address and then land on the site. It adds an extra task for you to complete but it’s not exactly a huge inconvenience. All of the games will work just as well on a browser or an app.

New blackjack sites 2024

Playing blackjack online is now easier than ever thanks to the huge range of sites available. The fantastic software that powers today’s modern casinos makes it much easier for a new company to get started. You don’t need your own team of tech geniuses to create one of these brands. All you need is to contract the services of the casino platform operators and you can make your mark in the casino industry too. But we won’t go into that here!

Take a look around on this page at some of the top sites that are taking the bold move to enter the fray. There are awesome amazing companies now working in this arena and finding blackjack is so simple. You can have your own account up and running in no time at all. And before you know it, you too will be sitting at the blackjack table.

Signing up at a blackjack site

Signing up for a new account is extremely easy. There are certain steps that you need to follow to ensure that you choose the very best site. And this is perhaps the most important consideration of all. Let’s take a look at some of the other points as well to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Pick a casino from our recommendations

The simplest way to make sure that you choose a talk trustworthy site is to follow our recommendation. On this page, you will find a list of the very best casino brands in the industry offering blackjack. There are many to choose from and they all have various versions of the game. And some will also have a live casino section as well.

By choosing an operator recommended here, you know that you are playing safely and securely. We only allow sites with a valid licence and top reputation to be shown to our readers.

Enter your personal information

When you have decided which of the fantastic sights you would like to join, the next step is to click on the button that links straight to the casino. After that, you will be presented with the registration form. Signing up for a  new account is generally straightforward. It requires little more than entering a few personal details. Lease details will usually include your name, address, email address and perhaps a phone number as well.

When they have checked through all your details, they will open the account. This may even be an automated process that happens instantly. You should have everything up and running in a matter of minutes.

Complete KYC (Know Your Customer)

The Know Your Customer requirements are part of the legal process in the UK. A casino must show that they are only providing games to people over the age of 18. They must also guarantee that the funds being used to gamble with a from a legitimate source.

But this does not need to be done straight away. It is only an issue when money needs to come back out of the casino when somebody has won. So working on the assumption that you will hopefully win some money at the casino, you need to consider completing KYC. The good news is that there’s very little to it. You need to show some ID and perhaps a copy of the bank account where the money has come from. You may also need to take a photograph of yourself holding a piece of paper with your account number written on it.

Choose a suitable bonus

Now that you have got your account set up, it’s time to think about your welcome bonus. You will often have to go to the promo section of your account to officially opt in to any deals. When you accept the terms and conditions of the deal, the free spins or bonus cash are released into your bonus balance. Now you can crack on and enjoy all the freebies that you were promised.

Make a deposit and start playing

Depending on the deal that you accept, you may need to make a deposit to release the cash or spins. But either way, you will probably need to make a deposit at some point in order to continue playing. Head over to the cashier section of your account where you will see a list of deposit options. Decide how much money you wish to transfer and complete the steps on the screen. There may be some limits to the amount that you can deposit. But all of this will be explained at that moment.

Blackjack software developers

The only reason we are able to play this awesome game online is thanks to amazing software developers. There are many big companies working behind the scenes to keep all of the action coming to us day and night.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution may not have been around as long as some of the other big developers. However, during the last 15 years, they have developed a reputation that is second to none. And they were one of the first companies to bring live casino games to our computer screens.

They were originally based in Latvia but since then the company has grown and their headquarters are now in Sweden. This company is responsible for developing some of the very best games including blackjack and other table classics as well.


Microgaming is one of the oldest and best software developers in the business. Based on the Isle of Man, this gaming powerhouse provides an amazing array of games as well as back-office software products to help power tons of casino sites.

You can find some of the best slot games and other table classics bearing their iconic logo. And you know that when you’re playing one of their games that you are getting the very best entertainment possible. Why not check out some of their huge progressive jackpot games? They have some enormous sums of money up for grabs.

Net Entertainment

When it comes to software production they don’t come much bigger or better known. These guys have been producing some of the best classic table games for over twenty years. You will find titles like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more in both video format and live casino as well.

They are responsible for some of the best-known slots on the market. So if this is your thing, then you can also check out some of those games as well. They’re a huge company and have proved time and time again they are one of the best in the business.


This company started life in 1999. They create some of the best casino software used by loads of great casino sites. They are capable of producing everything that a site needs to bring their customer. So anyone that likes card games like blackjack, for example, will love products made by this top tech firm.

Extreme Live Gaming

As live casinos became increasingly popular, there was a need for a specialist company to come along and shake things up a bit. Extreme did just that and showed the world exactly how live gaming is meant to look. Many of the top casino sites in the UK use live casino products powered by these guys.

Playing responsibly at Blackjack sites

Blackjack online, or any other casino game for that matter, should be done responsibly. And by this, we mean playing within your own limits. You should always decide how much money you could afford to lose in the event that things do not go your way. Obviously, we hope that you win a ton of cash but you should always be prepared just in case.

Set up a blackjack budget

One of the best ways to control your spending is to set a budget. Knowing exactly how much you have to play with is essential. If you reach the limit of your spending then it’s time to stop playing. Never exceed your limits and be tempted to go even further.

Take regular breaks

Having a flutter is meant to be fun so you shouldn’t sit there for hours playing any game relentlessly. This goes for games that do not involve gambling as well. Decide when you’re going to take a break and maybe try and do it every 20 to 30 minutes, for example. Playing at blackjack sites is exciting and we know it can be tempting to keep playing just one more hand.

Set up a time limit for each session

Another important consideration is to set a finite amount of time to play for. We don’t recommend that anyone spends several hours playing at any casino site. You should decide how much spare time you have, set your regular breaks within that time and enjoy the game.

Blackjack History

The first known reports of people playing blackjack were over 300 years ago in France. French casinos were extremely popular amongst the aristocracy. And blackjack was one of their favourite games along with roulette. Over time, the game gained popularity with regular players from all walks of life. And now this trend has been given a technological makeover and we are able to enjoy blackjack online as well.


Our aim is to give you all the information you need to know about the game and top blackjack sites. We hope you have found everything you need but just in case there are any loose ends, take a look at the FAQs, below.

What’s the RTP for online blackjack?

The return to player for the game of blackjack will depend on the version you are playing. Some variants favour the player more than others and this helps to increase the RTP percentage. In general, all of these games will present a figure of over 99%.

It is completely legal as long as you are playing at a licensed casino and you are over 18.  Playing blackjack and other games online are fantastic entertainment and are completely above board.

Are blackjack games online rigged?

Blackjack sites in a licensed jurisdiction, such as the UK, for example, cannot possibly be rigged. The video version of the game has a verified RNG and the live version is filmed from loads of different camera angles so you can see exactly what is going on.

Can I play blackjack in demo mode?

Yes, it is possible to play a demo version of blackjack. It’s a cracking way to get to grips with the rules and different variations of the game. One thing you need to remember when playing a demo is that you will not be able to cash out any of the winnings as a result.

Are there games with higher RTP than blackjack?

None of the other table games will beat blackjack for RTP. In fact, the majority of casino games fall short. However, there are a few slots that can compete with this number. The RTP is only a theoretical payback in the long term and shouldn’t affect your decision to play a game.

Our theory is that the human interaction with this game gives it a personal touch. As such, it becomes more of a challenge to beat the dealer rather than leaving it to pure luck as with some games.

What’s the best strategy for blackjack?

There are some strategies to guide you while playing at blackjack sites. Betting strategies may promise to help you win but if they worked, then we’d all be using them and making ourselves super rich! Knowing when to take an extra card and when to hold is a useful thing to learn.

Do all casinos offer blackjack?

If you want to play blackjack online, then you should be able to do it at pretty much any online casino. Although there are some sites dedicated to slots only so they won’t have this game available.