Blackjack Switch

Blackjack switch or switch blackjack was created by Geoff Hall and patented by him a mere six years ago. It is a variant of the ever popular blackjack but affords the player the opportunity to play two hands rather than the standard one. Also, the player can alter the top two cards while the cards are being dealt for each hand.

Initially debuting in brick and mortar establishments, blackjack switch was produced by Hall, a former card counter, after he became very irritated with receiving two hands that were weak while playing the game. He deduced if the top two cards were allowed to be exchanged, each hand’s value would improve by leaps and bounds. Once he developed his concept, Hall introduced his new game at Las Vegas’ G2E meeting in 2000, and an Iowa casino implemented the game roughly six months later. It was changed in 2003 to employ the ‘Push on 22″ regulation, which launched its appearance in Las Vegas that same year. Today you can find blackjack switch online and in casinos all over the globe.

What is Blackjack Switch?

Blackjack switch adds a little extra flavor to the already highly palatable blackjack for many avid players. When a player is skilled at the game, the house advantage or blackjack switch odds are .10 percent than regular blackjack which is .50 percent. Bear in mind, these percentages are only for online blackjack switch as the versions played in brick and mortar facilities usually operate at .25 percent house advantage due to regulation variances.

The game is also appealing to many because it does not fluctuate as wildly as classic blackjack. What sets blackjack switch apart, however, is two hands can be played at the same time, and a player can exchange the second cards they receive for each hand. For instance, if a player has a six and then receives a 10 for one hand and in the other has an ace with a five for the second card, he or she can switch the 10 for the five. This definitely ups the ante as one hand is an 11 and the other is a blackjack score.

As these two differences are certainly an advantage, Hall compensated for it by requiring that payouts are only in even-money. Also, a dealer sum of 22 is a mandatory push on any hand. What that means is if a player doubles down on the hand mentioned above with 11 and receives 10 they will have 21 and the dealer would hitting himself until his hand was 22. Therefore, if you have blackjack when the dealer has 22, you are victorious, but only at the ratio of 1:1 rather than in classic blackjack where it is 3:2.

Blackjack Switch Rules

In this game, the cards are dealt facing up from six decks. A player is required to work with two hands, and each hand must have equal wagers. Only the second or top card can be exchanged. The first card from one hand can not be switched for the second card from the other.

The dealer hits soft 17. A player can double down on any two cards and after pair splits, but resplits are not legal. What is at work here is the European no-hole-card rule. That is when if a player doubles or splits versus the dealer’s ten or ace, all their bets will be wiped out if the dealer hits blackjack. What is beneficial to the player is if they switch cards prior to the dealer playing his hand, and if one of those hands is blackjack, it will push the dealer’s blackjack. This creates a no-win situation for each party.

As stated previously, a player’s blackjack pays at a ratio of 1:1 and is the only combination of cards that will best a dealer’s total of 22. On all other occasions, the dealer’s sum of 22 will push every hand even if it is 21. Also, a dealer’s blackjack will push a player’s blackjack.

A problem for many players in blackjack switch is realising when the appropriate time is to change cards. There are some hands were switching is obviously the best thing to do, but in others, it can be deceiving or downright difficult to decide. After this all important decision has been made, the game’s strategy is akin to the same as classic blackjack with a slight increase on hitting and small decrease on doubling.

While switching may seem very tough, it really is not. It’s just a situation that a player needs to become accustomed to and adept at to win. Exchanging cards is based on if the two hands are better than the card the dealer has up. Both hands is the key and not just one.

Blackjack Switch Strategy

The basics of Blackjack switch are fairly simple. The switching is the only way it alters from the original game. Just check out this chart below which explains basic strategy and you will be enjoying payouts quite frequently!



Double down


Double down, soft totals

Soft Totals23456789TA

Pair Splits

  • S = Stand
  • H = Hit
  • D = Double Down
  • Y = Yes, split

Just Play Blackjack Switch

Sure it’s a little more complex than classic blackjack and the payouts may not be as high, but look at this way, you have the opportunity to pick up a whole lot of more of them! Especially with the house advantage being slashed to a mere .10 percent. How could not want roam the Internet searching for that blackjack switch online free? It’s guaranteed once you begin playing blackjack switch, you will be wondering why you have not long before!