Casino craps

Craps is not only familiar from casinos, online casinos and street corners but from movies, history and popular culture. It traces its roots as far back as the 1st millennia, and has remained much the same throughout time. The hardest part of craps is understanding the betting structure, which has picked strange terms and constructs throughout its history, that are not easy to memorize at first. The game is however very easy to get into and you’ll easily learn more as you play. Online casinos offer the luxury of free games, as well as comprehensive tutorials and rulebooks to learn and enjoy the game. The game is played with two dice with outcomes ranging from 2 to 12, and players betting on these different outcomes. 

Once you get the hang of the game it’s a very exciting game to play and you are sure to feel the hair rising thrill of every roll on your skin as you watch the dice bounce on the screen. Of course the physical game is only available on the street or in the casinos and can’t be found online, but in every other regard the online casinos are able to offer superb choices and better games. The selection is available in traditional casino craps games, Live-games with real dealers, 3D games and themed slots and other games that fit the description. The basic idea of craps has stayed pretty much the same since its inception with different bets such as passline bet, come, don’t come, dont pass line, place bets, buy and lay bets and many more. We will delve deeper into the meaning of these and explain them in detail, but would still remind you to make sure you read the rules. It is also necessary to always make sure you read the casino specific terms and conditions, and for example rules for bonuses and promotions, as these vary on individual basis. We strive to give the best choice in this regard through our favored casinos.

Rules of craps and craps payouts

A craps game begins when a shooter, player who rolls the dice, is chosen. After this the players place bets on different outcomes on the table. It is important to understand etiquette at this point since not all best can be placed by the player: he must instead ask the base dealer or stickman to place the bet. In online casinos this naturally isn’t a bother, as the system functions automatically. The shooter must always have a bet on the pass or don’t pass line. Each round starts with a come-out roll and proceeds to the second phase called point if 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled. The player then rolls his dice again until he gets the same combination or rolls a seven which signals a loss and the turn moves to the next player in line. Betting is open to all players during each roll.

Due to the sheer amount of bets the odds vary greatly, but still follow certain rules which make them easy to understand. The groundwork needs to be done though, and even though the rules are rather easy they are also extremely necessary to know. Basic knowledge is not enough to get the most enjoyment out of craps, and like with many other table games it can truly be enjoyed only with certain dedication. With some memorizing you can quickly deduct the best possible bets for any outcome of the roll.

One of the main dividers between different bet types is categorizing them as single and multi roll bets. Single roll bets are only in effect for one day as the name suggests, and it includes several different types of bets such as placing a bet on a single outcome such as 2, or as it is better known snake eyes. Any seven in turn means placing a bet that the shooter rolls 7 in any combination, which gives the player a winning bet but is also bad luck since the house takes all other bets. If playing in a live location be sure not to cheer when you win with these, or you might get some resentment your way. One of the low paying bets if Field which wins if the rolls is 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. The bet pays with different odds on each number depending on the expect frequency, with 2 and 12 giving the best payout.

Multi-roll bets are not the polar opposite of single roll bets, as they can take one or more rolls to resolve. It is possible for player to make point before the outcome of such bet is resolved, and in this case the bet usually runs to the next come out roll, unless the player who placed the bet decides otherwise. Craps is clearly a game of action, and it is important to remember the rules when bets are placed and odds are calculated. One of the basic multi roll bets are the Hard and the Easy way. Hard way means that the shooter throws a 4, 6, 8 or 10 with identical numbers, whereas the easy way allows for combination numbers.

Place and buy bets are so called working bets as they continue paying as long as the shooter doesn’t roll a seven. Buy bets come with a commission that needs to be paid when the bet is placed or when the number wins, but this depends on the casino. These bets are placed on single numbers, and the main difference between the two is that buy bets pay slightly higher true odds. If calculated through house edge it is best to stick to simply placing bets, and use the buy option on 4 and 10. One special rule or wager that some casinos offer is the place to lose bet. In this case the player will bet that the next roll will be seven instead of the chosen numbers, and wins if it is so.

There is a great number of different bets but they follow these quite similar and easy to follow rules that you can pick up easily by simply playing the game. This you can do even for free in many of the online casinos, which is always a good way to train yourself in a new game. One of the most important things to know of course is that only the total of both dice matter, and they are not counted individually.

Craps Odds and ends

The massive number of bets comes with a massive number of possible odds and payouts, which range from 1-1 to 30-1. When you hit the right streak in craps you can make some big bucks. Craps is a dice game but that doesn’t mean there is no strategy to it. Always remember that luck is luck and statistics and probabilities still rule, this means that if you hit a 12 you’re not likely to see it next round. This also means that when you hit that rare winning streak, where all of your rolls seem to win, it is also rare and needs to be capitalized on. The key to this is to know the different odds and payouts that come with the game. Below is a list of the ones that you need to keep an eye open for:

  • Place bets
    • If the rolls is 4-10 pays 9:5 
    • If the rolls is 5-9 pays 7:5
    • If the rolls is 6-8 pays 7:6
  • Field
    • If the roll is 3,4,9,10,11 pays 1:1
    • If the rolls is 2 pays 2:1
    • If the rolls is 12 pays 3:1 
  • Pass / Come
    • If the come out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 you lose
    • If the rolls is 7 or 11 pays 1:1
    • Any other number establishes a point number

When playing it is of course important to understand what odds are. 1:1 odd for example means that the player will win as much money as he bet, and of course receives back the bet he did. Now in craps these bets often stay on the table, although sometimes they can be turned off by the player or by the dealer as specified in the case of multi-roll bets. If you are on the lookout for big money you first need to understand when to play the bets, and what bets to play. Field, place and pass bets are the most common ones and offer somewhat low payouts when compared to the high odd bets. The catch is of course that these are rarer, and sometimes offer a bigger house edge. Practice a lot before you decide to start using following bets, and remember that as much as they can bring big wins they can walk away with your money if they never hit:

  • Hard bets
    • If you roll 4 and 10 pays 7:1
    • If you roll 6 and 8 pays 9:1
  • Multi roll bet
    • Proposition bets, or single roll bets that count on one single outcome
    • If you roll any combination of seven pays 4:1
    • If you roll any craps(2, 3 or 12) pays 7:1
    • If your roll 2,12 pays 30:1

When you start playing craps you will notice that the betting system is not nearly as hard as it sounds, as the table layout is extremely simple and is even further simplified with online casinos and their gaming products. For example tooltips and other reminders are here to stay and it is quite easy to keep track of what bet has which outcome, and when you should play it. Best to practice, and practice, until rolling the dice and placing the dollars come with ease.

Craps strategy

Craps strategy is not an easy thing to learn as thanks to the quick gameplay it requires some experience and skill in the game. Pure mathematics will not work as you do not have the same luxury of time as you would for example in poker or blackjack. There are several tips to remember when playing that will make the gaming experience easier, more enjoyable and perhaps helps to manage your game further. First of them is to of course recognize which bets simply don’t pay off. This sometimes comes with personal effects, but that is perhaps a product of certain ways of betting. One of the examples of this is only buying the number 4 and 10 as it offers better odds. How to win at craps is pretty much a factor of how to play craps, and you will get the best outcome by practicing a lot, and for sure by playing real money games where the thrill is off the roof.

One of the most important things is to recognize when you are on a winning streak and capitalize on it by increasing your bets on numbers that haven’t yet rolled. This also requires knowing the best combinations of bets that maximize the money for you. Don’t be foolish though and bet everything after each win, pocket at least half of your earnings and throw in the rest for the next roll. How to play craps and win is all about making the difference with these few rolls that give you big wins. Otherwise you end up playing a game where you lose some here and win some there, going pretty much with a zero sum game even with good luck. Play hard when you can, and conserve your money at other times.

One way to increase your chances is to go for casino bonuses and promotions, which offer extra money to play with. Since online casinos often offer player based bonuses as well this is a good way to earn game based points that might garner the odds in your favor. Certainly they will help you roll the dice further. Whatever you choose to do it is best to remember the basic rule, the odds, and to play for free at one of our recommended places before you start throwing the dice for real.