No Deposit Bonus Slots

Free money! That's always going to look and sound great to a browsing potential customer.

But is that promise too good to be true? You can certainly find the equivalent of cash for nothing in the online slot machine and casino world. Players are always on the look-out for a no deposit bonus.

It’s not quite too good to be true, but a casino or slots no deposit bonus is going to come with a number of restrictions. Any business that really did just give its customers free credit with no strings attached wouldn’t stay in business too long.

So, do keep your eyes open for these tempting offers! Make the most of them but have realistic expectations of what 'no deposit bonus' really means. Make sure you do a full and thorough reading of the small print as you sign up.

No Deposit Slot bonuses:

Brand Details & Bonus Data
Top Dog Slots Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus + 20 free spins on Fish & Chips
Slot Shack Logo Regular Promotions Win a fancy new BBQ
Viking Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 bonus + 100 free spins
Amazon Slots Logo Welcome Bonus Up to £200 free play on first 3 deposits + 20 free spins
Slot Pages Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Lucky Slots 7 Logo Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to £200
Wunderino Logo Welcome Bonus 200% bonus up to €100 + 30 cash spins
Cashmio Logo Welcome Bonus 25% bonus up to €25
LVbet Logo Welcome Bonus 100% up to €150
Slots Million Logo Welcome Bonus 100 free spins + more spins every month

Why No Deposit Bonuses are Good for Players

Don’t let all this put you off. A no deposit bonus is still free cash if you look at it in the right way and are realistic with your expectations.

Firstly, you can consider a no deposit bonus as an offer to take a look around and check out a new slots UK site. You can actually experience the place fully, in a way that you never can with demo games and free play. If you don’t like it, then you’ve lost nothing, if you do and you’re a regular player then meeting the wagering requirements shouldn’t be a problem.

That’s the way to consider a no deposit bonus, a nice little extra on top of what you might have paid in anyway.

If a £10 no deposit slot bonus comes with a 30X wagering requirement, then you’re going to have to wager £300 to get at your winnings from that bonus. If you were likely to play £300 anyway, now you can play with £310 at no cost to yourself, and that’s a big plus.

What is a deposit bonus?

Almost every casino and slots site offers some sort of bonus to tempt players to play.

The vast majority of these bonuses are triggered when the player signs up and makes a first deposit – often over a set limit, £10 is common – at the site.

The most common way to express these bonuses is in percentage terms e.g. 200% bonus on first deposits, for example. So, if you put £10 into your account, you’ll be credited with two times your deposit to give you a balance of £30. You might see that offer described as “Deposit £10, play with £30!”

There will be restrictions on how you can use the extra cash you are granted by your generous hosts, but it’s still a tempting looking offer.

A no deposit slots bonus sounds even better.

In this case, all you have to do is sign up to receive a certain amount of credit in your account, you can then play slots for free or other casino games.

As slots are the most popular casino games, you’ll often see this type of offer described as 'free spins'.

And that’s it. Almost.

You may be required to supply payment details, so you’re good and ready to cash up at a quick click when it is time to fund your account.

And, there will be a host of restrictions on how you can spend your free cash and how you can access any winnings you make with it.

Don’t think of these offers as entirely free. Even if you collect your free spins, play them and leave you’re supplying the casino site with valuable information. Your email address and probably a mobile phone number too will be expected from you. Even if you don’t tick the 'no marketing contact' boxes, you’ll undoubtedly be hearing from the site in the future.

This is a competitive market, so they’re also showing a potential customer around, which is super-valuable for the site.

Rules and Restrictions on No Deposit Bonuses

Every bonus is different, and every site is different.

It’s very tempting to read headline offers and just click away. But you have a duty to yourself to do at least a little checking before you engage with any site. This is particularly important as they are going to have access to your debit card details. To get the most out of your no deposit bonus slots and casino games you need to know what you're doing.

At any gaming site, you should look for the right regulation for your jurisdiction. In the UK, all sites that offer games where wagering takes place must have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Look for that logo, and click on it to make sure the site has the official backing it says it does. So for an online slots no deposit bonus UK players need to find a UK slots site.

Once you’ve decided you’re at a safe site, it’s time to take a look at the Terms and Conditions.

There will be site-wide Terms and Conditions as well as specific rules for each offer, bonus, promotion and game. Now this could amount to days of reading – lots of it, very repetitive and boring. And if you’re at a bona fide site then a certain amount of fairness can be assumed.

Let’s take a look at some of the conditions that you’re most likely to find on no deposit bonuses.

1 – Qualifying players

No deposit bonuses are often strictly limited. To be a qualifying player, you must, of course, meet the legal requirements for the site – in the UK you’ll need to be over 18 to play legally.

You’ll also need a full, real name, valid email address and a valid street address in a jurisdiction that the site is able to offer services too. You may be asked to provide ID documents to the site – you can scan and email them usually. You’ll almost certainly need to be a new, first-time customer. Using a different email address or false name to try to convince the site you’re not an existing player will be dealt with very seriously.

A slots online no deposit bonus is often reserved for specific promotions made via specific sites. It might matter how you arrived at the site, which link you clicked to find your online slots no deposit bonus.

New slot sites no deposit bonus will likely be a fertile ground for those keen to attract new players. These new sites are likely to have some great bonuses to entice you away from the more established slots.

2 - Registering a 'real money' account.

When you sign up at a site with a no deposit bonus, you might think that you wouldn’t need to provide any payment details. After all, you’re not giving them any money.

This won’t always be the case. The casino wants to know that you can pay. It also wants you to convert to being a paying customer as soon as possible and will make it as quick and easy as it can to do that.

To register a 'real money' account, you’ll probably have to hand over card details or register another payment method.

3 – Wagering requirements or play through

If you find a no deposit bonus without this particular requirement, and it’s legitimate, grab it, it’s rarer than hen’s teeth.

Wagering requirements are not a popular part of the online slots market. It’s something that you’ll see regularly raised as a complaint by players on forums and review sites.

Once you’ve signed up to the terms and conditions, though, as you’ll have to do by ticking a box on the registration form, complain is all you can do. Make sure you’re happy with this part of the bonus terms before you do sign up.

What are wagering requirements? You may also see wagering requirements referred to as play through, both mean exactly the same. A minimum amount of money you must spend before you can withdraw winnings from your slot no deposit bonus.

You can understand the rationale behind this condition. The casino is letting you play games of chance at which you could win substantial amounts of money for nothing. In return, they want you to stay as a paying customer at their site. To keep you there, they want you to keep playing.

Wagering requirements are usually expressed as a multiple of the amount of the bonus. 'Wagering requirement = 10X bonus' would be an example. In fact, that would be a very generous offer. Much more likely is that you’ll be asked to wager 50 times your bonus before you can access any winnings from the money the site has gifted you.

That seems simple enough. A site gives you £10 to play with, so you have to put up £500 (50X £10) of your own money before you can access the money you won with that £10.

But it doesn’t end there. There are often restrictions within these play through rules.

The first restriction is likely to be on which games you can use to work off your obligation to the site. This is particularly important to be aware of. There’s nothing more frustrating – and costly – than putting in your required sum to find that the favourite slot you’ve been playing it on doesn’t count towards your wagering requirements.

While some games may be completely off limits for meeting wagering requirements, you’ll find that other games have a limited effect on your play through. Not all games are equal it seems.

Here’s a simplified example from a casino slots no deposit bonus we found that was offered in 2015 to play no deposit bonus slots UK.

Games Contribution
Slots (except those listed below), keno, scratch cards 100%
Table poker games (except those listed below), sic bo 50%
Roulette, video poker, blackjack (except those listed below), pontoon, baccarat, Caribbean draw poker 10%
Atlantic City blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, All Aces video poker 2%
Craps, Mega Spin slots, Max Damage Alien Attack, All Live Casino Games 0%

As you can see, it’s a potentially complex situation for players. It can even change within games, with bonus rounds and the like not being counted.

You must make sure that you understand these rules if you’re to get the best value from the site.

If your intention is to claim a no deposit bonus and cash out as soon as you can, then you need to be playing those 100% games.

For example, if you receive a £10 no deposit bonus with a 50X wagering requirement then you need to play £500-worth of games. But if you love roulette and have to play that game, you’ll only see 10% of your stake going towards meeting your wagering requirements. That means that if you only played roulette you’d have to wager £5,000 to complete the wagering requirements.

Withdrawal Restrictions and Balance Restrictions

How your bonus money is treated is also important to understand if you’re going to get the best out of your casino experience.

You’ll often find that bonus funds and cash balances interact automatically – you won’t have a choice on how the funds are paid – in a way that affects your rights to withdraw money.

Again, we’ll look at an example from a 2015 casino no deposit bonus:

  1. Any funds won on bets made from a bonus balance will be credited to the bonus balance. If paying winnings to a bonus balance would result in a bonus balance bigger than the original bonus. Any funds over that amount will be credited to the player’s cash balance.
  2. Winnings on bets made from a player’s cash balance are credited back to the player’s cash balance.
  3. When bets are made, funds are first taken from the player’s cash balance. If there are insufficient funds in the cash balance, then funds for the bet are deducted from the bonus balance. This means the bonus balance is only played if the cash balance is empty.
  4. If there is still money in your bonus balance you will be unable to withdraw any amounts from your cash balance until wagering requirements on the bonus have been met.

Again, it sounds complicated. Probably more complicated than it actually is.

The casino will top up your bonus balance as much as possible and take as much from your cash balance as it can. Your bonus doesn’t have to be played, it has to be completely spent.

You may sometimes even see terms and conditions that say that you cannot withdraw any winnings from your original no deposit bonus. This is less likely though.

Time limits

There may be time limits on no deposit bonuses too.

You might have to meet your wagering requirements within a set time, say a week or a month. You may have to wager in a certain way at certain times.

Household limits

One of the common limits that’s hidden in the small print of gaming sites is that many bonuses and extras are limited to one – not just per person – but per household.

Do be aware of this. And remember it is your responsibility to obey the rules, not the site’s responsibility to enforce them. As we tend to love and live with people who share our interests, it’s not unlikely that if you like online casinos your partner or housemates may well do too.

It seems fairly unlikely that this will picked up as you join a site – though it may be – but sites will do checks if you win a large prize. So it’s in your interest to obey all the rules.

Other restrictions

You will probably see a number of other restrictions on a no deposit slots bonus.

Some of them will look completely unreasonable to you. However, they are almost certainly there just to keep the lawyers happy.

For example: “The casino may, at their sole discretion, change the terms and conditions for any reason whatsoever without notice to the end users.”

Read the small print

No-one wants to spend hours and hours reading terms and conditions but make sure you know the deal.

This guide should help you out.

You're searching for a slots bonus no deposit bonus pops up on your screen, find answers to at least these questions before you carry on:

  • Can I ever withdraw this bonus?
  • Can I ever withdraw funds won with this bonus?
  • How much do I have to play through (the wagering requirements) to withdraw any funds?
  • How much do I have to play through to withdraw funds won with this bonus?
  • Is there anything that stops me playing at this site and meeting their player requirements? Remember, British players need a UK slots no deposit bonus.

And work out if this is a good deal for you.

Licensed and regulated casinos aren’t there to fleece customers, they wouldn’t last long if they really were as completely unfair as some complaints might suggest. But they are there to make a profit, and for that they need to get a return on what they seem to give away. If you think you’re going to fleece them by taking their bonus, getting rich quick and getting out quick, you’ll probably end up disappointed.

Make sure you go in with your eyes open and you’ll get the best out of no deposit bonuses.